IRIS – Incorporated Research Institutions For Seismology – Quote


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IRIS quote for National Science Education Standards

“Seismology offers unique opportunities to enrich earth science and physics curriculum. Beyond the specific content standards in earth science such as structure of the earth system, energy in the earth system and earth history, the national science education standards emphasize content standards in areas such as science and technology, science in personal and social perspectives, and the history and nature of science, all of which can be addressed with earthquake studies.

The most engaging method to teach earth science is to involve students in questioning and problem solving. A seismometer in the classroom raises awareness of earthquake activity around the world and promotes student questions about earthquake location and frequency of events. At the 6-12th grade levels, real-time seismic data can be used to explore earthquakes, plate tectonics and its driving forces. In physics classrooms seismic data can be used to teach lessons on force, friction, wave propagation, and engineering design.”



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