M6.0 – 68km SSW of Bunisari, Indonesia, April 6th and Magnitude 6.7 – 106km W of Sola, Vanuatu – April 7, 2016


Earthquake #1

USGS Tectonic Summary
2016-04-06 14:45:30 (UTC)
Magnitude 6.0
68.0 km (42.3 mi) SSW of Bunisari, Indonesia
Location:  -8.198°S  107.419°E
depth=35.4 km (22 mi)

Earthquake #2

USGS Tectonic Summary
2016-04-07 03:32:53 (UTC)
Magnitude 6.7
106.0 km (65.9 mi) W of Sola, Vanuatu
Location:  -13.994°S  166.571°E
depth=26.8 km (16.6 mi)


USGS – Seismotectonics of the Eastern Margin of the Australia Plate

“The eastern margin of the Australia plate is one of the most sesimically active areas of the world due to high rates of convergence between the Australia and Pacific plates.”

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