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Magnitude 6.7 – 111km NNW of Chirikof Island, Alaska – May 29, 2015

May 29, 2015

Slide1USGS Tectonic Summary
2015-05-29 07:00:09 (UTC)
Magnitude 6.7
98km (61mi) NNW of Chirikof Island, Alaska
56.589°N   -156.435°W
depth=55.6 km (34.5 mi)


Nock Middle School, Newburyport, MA

May 26, 2015


Magnitude 7.3 – 18km SE of Kodari, Nepal – May 12, 2015

May 12, 2015

Nepal_05122015USGS Tectonic Report
2015-05-12 07:05:19 (UTC)
Magnitude 7.3
18km (11mi) SE of Kodari, Nepal
27.837°N   86.077°E
depth=15 km (9.3 mi)

USGS: “This earthquake occurred as the result of thrust faulting on or near the decollément associated with the Main Himalayan Thrust, which defines the interface between the underthrusting India plate and the overriding Eurasia plate to the north. At the location of this earthquake, approximately 80 km to the east-northeast of the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu, the India plate is converging with Eurasia at a rate of 45 mm/yr towards the north-northeast – a fraction of which (~18 mm/yr) is driving the uplift of the Himalayan mountain range. The May 12, 2015 event is the largest aftershock to date of the M 7.8 April 25, 2015 Nepal earthquake – known as the Gorkha earthquake – which was located 150 km to the west, and which ruptured much of the decollément between these two earthquakes.”