Magnitude 6.0 – 6km NW of American Canyon, California – August 24, 2014



USGS Tectonic Summary
Magnitude 6.0, California
2014-08-24 10:20:44 UTC
38.220°N   -122.313°W
Depth:  11.3km

Click below for excellent analysis of the Napa, California quake by IRIS and seismologists at UC, Berkeley:

USGS report of shaking felt across San Francisco area of Northern California
Because of differences in the crust of the Eastern US vs. that of Western US, earthquake waves travel more efficiently in the East than in the West. So, a magnitude 6 quake in the West is felt (and damaging) over a much smaller area than an earthquake of the same magnitude in the East (see below). Today’s Northern California quake is the one shown in the lower right.

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