Magnitude 5.8 – VIRGINIA – August 23, 2011


BC-ESP school seismographs recorded the magnitude 5.8 earthquake 14 km (9 miles) SSW from Mineral, Virginia on August 23, 2011.
LATITUDE 37.881°N,    LONGITUDE  -77.952°W
For more info on this earthquake, go to US Geological Survey report.

Earthquakes in Virginia and Vicinity 1774 – 2004
By Arthur C. Tarr and Russell L. Wheeler

This quake was felt throughout New England.

For an Intensity Map of the felt area and/or if you felt this quake, please report it with USGS Did You Feel It? – Tell Us!

For a news report, click

Seismogram of quake recorded on the Amesbury Middle School seismograph:

2 Responses to “Magnitude 5.8 – VIRGINIA – August 23, 2011”

  1. Rick Freeman Says:

    Wow – I live in Raleigh, NC and was sitting in my living room when the house began to shake back and forth. Although I am over 60 and never felt anything like that before, I knew it was an earthquake. Fortunately there was no damage and I got the dog back after he ran outside. I saw in one report that there have been no larger quakes east of the Appalachians since 1970 but I wonder if any larger ones have been recorded in the eastern US?

  2. macherid Says:

    On average we have an earthquake of this magnitude on the East coast at least once per century, here is a list:
    1897 Magnitude 5.9 Giles County, Virginia
    1895 Magnitude 6.6 Near Charleston, Mississippi County, Missouri
    1886 Magnitude 7.3 Charleston, South Carolina (60 people killed)
    1811-1812 3 quakes Magnitudes 7.7 (with aftershock of 7.0), 7.5, 7.7 New Madrid Missouri
    1755 Magnitude 6.0 off Cape Ann, Massachusetts

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