Magnitude 6.3 – Central Italy – April 6, 2009


The BC-ESP recorded the devastating magnitude 6.3 earthquake that occurred in Central Italy on April 6th at 01:32:42 UTC. Although this earthquake was very destructive, magnitude 6.3 is too small for us to get a strong recording here in the Boston area from an earthquake in Italy. However, you can still see a small signal of the quake here (see arrow on seismogram).


One Response to “Magnitude 6.3 – Central Italy – April 6, 2009”

  1. Alan Says:

    Many people are asking if this big quake in Italy was predicted.

    Well, that depends on what you mean by “predicted.” The quake occurred in an area that is well-known to have a significant LONG-TERM hazard –

    And, in that sense, this quake was certainly “predicted” as something that would inevitably happen at some point in time.

    In terms of SHORT-TERM quake prediction, however. Some seismologists (and some non-seismologists) claim that they can predict quakes, but I (and nearly all other seismologists) are very skeptical about such claims.

    Row Over Italian Quake ‘Forecast’ –

    Here’s some more of my thoughts on this and related matters.

    “Earthquake Prediction: You Want Answers, We’ve Got Questions” –

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